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So Triple Threat Leadership, LLC is growing... and working to help create an impact in the Name, Image, and Likeness space. Now some of you might be saying - "why?"

But to be honest, the NIL movement is based on the understanding of Personal Branding, and figuring out ways to monetize that. I don't really care if a student-athlete makes money, BUT, I care that students are taught the skill of branding, positive social media strategy, and figuring out ways to add value to their lives.

So is essence, educating people on NIL is exactly what the mission of Triple Threat Leadership is - help people figure out how they are going to:

Add Value. Build Relationships. Create Opportunities.

And here's why it's the right time to do this...

This past week I had the opportunity to speak to the Athletic Directors in the State of Ohio at their annual conference regarding NIL (Name, Image, & Likeness), and the potential implications as it makes its way into the High School Athletics landscape.

With that being said, the topic of NIL is one that many don't understand or know about, especially those in the high school space.

It's cloudy, it's messy, and for most, it's hard to understand how it works, or doesn't work.

As we entered into the Q & A session at the conference, I received a few questions from an AD that led to the creation of, and my reason for writing this --->

"Scott, where can I send parents, coaches, student-athletes to learn more about this?
Is there a website they can go to?
How can we learn more and about specifics in regards to how it may impact the high school level?"
It doesn't seem like there is much support for us...

I stood there thinking, he's absolutely right - there aren't enough resources / education support services for this level, and they need them.

Fast forward 3 hours later after thinking about those questions all the way home, and I'm creating in my living room, knowing there is a much greater opportunity & need to provide support in addition to presentations, trainings, etc. will be a one stop place to learn about Name, Image, & Likeness, with a primary twist focusing on the impact on High School student-athletes.

So - if you're interested and want to learn more, head on over to and subscribe, as well as follow @NIL_Education on the platforms below by a quick click!

Additionally - Feel free to fire me some questions that I can help support you in understanding.

Let's make this a place where we can focus on learning about something that's already in the High School environment, and supporting those dealing with it head on! (California & New York already allow students to profit off of their Name, Image, & Likeness). isn't about taking a stance on whether it's right or wrong, but rather, helping to understand further something that's here to stay.

Keep on the lookout for the next post outlining NIL, what it is, and why understanding it matters now more than ever!

Thanks for following! Keep Being Awesome!

- Doc G

Dr. Scott Grant is a college professor in educational leadership / social media, and founded Triple Threat Leadership, LLC. (

You can read more about Dr. Grant here --->


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