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The Branding & Social Media Training Students
need for their future, NOW!

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The current problem around Branding / Social Media Education & why it is SO important RIGHT NOW for students / teams / organizations...

The words “Personal Branding” seem to be getting thrown around quite a bit lately.  People talk about it, how important it is, but then don’t offer much help to figure out the why, what, and how behind it all. 

Additionally, in our current world of increased technology usage and screen time, people don’t realize the importance of clarifying who they want to be, the legacy they want to leave in every interaction, and how they can strategically present that every day in person and online. 

And it’s ok - they’ve never had any training on how to develop this vision, and then use technology as a tool from a positive perspective, truly working to add value in their life.    

“The Branding of ME” course was built to help people develop a framework for their own PERSONAL BRAND, while teaching them how to utilize social media as a tool, truly Adding Value, Building Relationships, and Creating Opportunities in their life!


Too often we try to scare students, rather than teach them how to take find the purpose, build the plan, and create value through branding and social media!  And now it’s time to change that with the “Branding of ME” program!

What does the course look like on the inside?

This course is built with an interactive approach utilizing short videos & extension activities.  Concepts are learned, examples are provided, applications are created in a scaffolding / stacked activity based approach.

Dr. Grant’s “D2A2 process” - will strategically walk participants through Dreaming, Developing, Activating, and Amplifying their own personal brand.

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The "D2A2" Process

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