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Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL)

We offer a wide variety of workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting services focused on helping to Educate & Empower everyone on understanding NIL better.

The NIL Prep Kit is here!

The #1 downloadable resource to learn more about Name, Image, & Likeness and includes the following:

  • - NIL at the HS Level - Informational Overview

  • - NIL Key Red Flags

  • - Top 10 - NIL FAQ's & NTK's

  • - School District Key Discussion Questions / Focus Guide

  • - Sample High School NIL Policy

  • - Sample NIL Compliance Reporting Document

  • - School District Next Steps Guide

  • - NIL Tips for HS Athletic Directors Article

  •  - Lifebrand Social Media Cleaning Tool - Discount Link

  • -  Condensed NIL Prep Kit for Families / Student-Athletes

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Workshops / Consulting

We provide workshops for administrators, students, parents, school district personnel and many others to help everyone understand NIL and consider what it looks like for their specific environment.

We also provide consulting services for those needing to support & knowledge from us as we study the NIL space daily.  We are available for short-term or long-term consulting.

NIL for

Do your student-athletes need to know what NIL is, and how to prepare for what might come at them?

Dr. Grant will educate them on NIL and the implications for their lives moving forward.

NIL for
school administrators

Need help putting together a plan / strategy for NIL at your school district and need some questions answered?

Dr. Grant is well versed at the HS & College level to help you consider strategies that focus on education first!

nil for

Coaches have a lot of questions about NIL for their program and student-athletes?

Dr. Grant can help them consider their own programs, and how to best serve their teams.

nil for
parents / community

Parents / Community not sure what NIL even is, or how this may affect them?

Dr. Grant can help provide an engaging session to educate them on NIL.


Need an NIL Speaker?

Need an NIL speaker for your event who is a former teacher, coach, athletic administrator at the high school level, and someone who has also worked at the Division I level in athletics?

Dr. Grant is engaging, educational, and will provide your conference / group necessary information in a way that truly EDUCATES & EMPOWERS them!

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