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"As a college basketball coach for the past 25 years, I have been privy to many leadership styles and techniques.  Leaders are always looking for better ways to motivate their team in order to be successful.  I have been working with Scott Grant for the past 2 years and I doubt that few are better.  He can connect with this generation and provide the insight necessary to be a leader of 21st century kids and people.  Social Media is the form of communication that kids are comfortable with today, and Scott can deliver a powerful and memorable message that will change the way you think and use Social Media strategy. "

Charlie Ernst - Head Men's Basketball Coach

The University of Findlay - NCAA Division II National Champions

"Dr. Scott Grant is able to convey messages and attributes of leadership to your group with his storytelling and enthusiasm.  Let’s face it, being a leader in today’s world is isn’t easy!  His message and approach to learning and empowering people to take full advantage of every opportunity to build their own brand is powerful!"

Steve Yarnell - Head Volleyball Coach

Bluffton University

"In education today, schools are not only doing a disservice to themselves, but to their students as well, if they are not fully aware of the capabilities of social media.  As the Fort Recovery High School Principal, I brought Scott to my school to make the staff and students aware of who is all looking at social media, how it affects their future, and how to best use social media to benefit their lives.  His message of having a purpose, a plan, and adding value is what everyone needed to hear.  This message has been turned into a poster that is hanging in our hallways, and has provided teachers with information they can use for discussions in class.  I strongly recommend Scott Grant for any school, business, or athletic team where social media can be used to add value.  "

Marcus Overman - Principal

Fort Recovery High School

"The passion and excitement level of Scott Grant is one of the finest I have seen in public speaking. This man has filled many roles, including friend, teacher, coach, athletic director and college professor. He is engaging and energetic and he quickly captures his audience. The presentation is organic, real and takes on a life of itself, giving his audience a chance to own it. His content, thorough, clear and concise has the ability to break some serious barriers and preconceptions regarding the usage of social media. Make no doubts about it. He will make an impact on your students."

Eric Heitkamp - Teacher & Golf Coach

Van Buren Local Schools

"From his head to his sneakers, Dr. Scott Grant was a stimulating guide on an eye-opening tour through the world of social media. The invigorating journey consisted of empirical advice for students and inspiration to project their value to others. He pointed out various paths that may be traveled after high school and described how online personas can impact the success of the expedition. Dr. Scott Grant’s message emphasized the significance of using social media in a savvy manner. His powerful commentary was sure to lead students in the right direction."

Jessica Ramirez - Fifth Grade Teacher

Napoleon Area City Schools

“I would highly recommend you consider Scott Grant to deliver his personal branding and social media strategy presentation to your students and staff. While the topic is how to best navigate and communicate in the 21st century; his message of having a purpose, a plan, and adding value with your actions extends beyond just social media use. This message – which is aided by Scott’s ability to captivate the audience - is one students will enjoy and provides an easy guide for students to apply in any future decisions they will face, online or elsewhere.”

Kreg Hollenbacher - Principal

Fort Loramie High School

“Listening to Scott is like listening to your wisest uncle and your favorite coach at the same time - had you given both of them copious amounts of caffeine.  His message is pointed, relevant, honest, fast paced and peppered with humor.  Dr. Grant is a teacher and it is obvious….. not because he is clearly comfortable in front of a crowd or because he drops tons of knowledge.  You can tell he is a teacher because he makes you feel compelled to achieve more – to be better.  Every teenage kid today should hear Scott speak – and should bring along their parents.  This program will open your eyes and see social media as a powerful, constructive, self-branding tool as well as outline specific habits that can limit your opportunities for success..”

Matt Bostdorff - Director of Technology

Van Buren Local Schools

"Scott’s engaging message of personal branding gave a positive and proactive perspective on how students can utilize social media and put one’s best foot forward.  In a time when social media has a negative connotation, particularly with high school aged students, Scott’s presentation gave the audience great strategies for how to use this medium in a constructive way which will also give them direction for the next steps of their lives. Scott’s message is one that every young adult should hear."

Nick Verhoff - Superintendent

Columbus Grove Local Schools, Columbus Grove, OH

"We often hear all the negatives about social media and how terrible it is. But Scott Grant turns this around and gives a dynamic presentation about how you can use social media to present a positive image. He really hit home with students and staff when he asked, "Is your online presence a good representation of who you are and what you want to be?" His presentation is full of helpful guidance and food for thought. I highly recommend him and we will ask him to return in the future."

Laurie Vent- Superintendent

Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools

"We have short-changed our children by not instructing them how to use their online presence to promote themselves and their "brand".  Scott connected with our students in providing simple, yet powerful strategies for them to take control of their social media and harness it to give themselves an advantage, no matter what path they take in life.  Students walked out of the auditorium ready to make changes.  I recommend Scott and his Triple Threat Leadership wholeheartedly!"

Jay Clark - Middle School Principal

Van Buren Local Schools

""Scott delivers a powerful message from which all students can benefit.  He has the innate ability to connect to students/audiences at all levels providing them with real world examples of the impact of social media.   Scott is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard on the topic of social media. He does a great job providing examples of how to use social media in a positive way and outlines a plan for any individual to follow.   I highly recommend bringing Scott in to talk to your student body, staff or parents.  He will definitely grab your attention."

Tom Jeffrey - Asst. Principal / Athletic Director

Edison Local Schools, Milan, OH

"After hearing about Dr. Grant's presentation from a guidance counselor and AD at another school, I had high hopes that he would be able to connect with our students. Dr. Grant far exceeded my expectations. He presents his material with passion and great concern for future generations of students."

Marv Retcher - Guidance Counselor

Napoleon Elementary School

"One of the best speakers we have had!!  Dr. Grant's enthusiasm and passion helped to deliver a meaningful message that I know will stay with our students.  I would highly recommend Triple Threat Leadership to all schools looking for an impactful talk regarding social media and it's purpose." 

Holli Horn - Guidance Counselor

Napoleon Junior / Senior High School

"Mr. Scott Grant has a unique way of presenting a topic that is usually considered a negative and turns it into a positive.  Often students are told not to use social media and that it is bad.  Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay and our kids are going to use it.  Scott's presentation is all about educating them on the right way to use social media and how to make it work positively for them instead of against them.  I can't thank Scott enough for the message he shared to our students and staff.  I truly believe it has made a difference."

Scott Minnig - Principal

Wapakoneta High School, Wapakoneta, OH

""Scott Grant is a dynamic, engaging speaker who brings a positive message that students need to hear.  In the age of social media and connectivity, young people are engaging one another in an environment like the Wild West.  They are making up the rules as they go, and they do not have the guidance to teach them proper usage.  Scott Grant presents students with the guidance, tools, and vision necessary to build their digital footprint in a positive way that will benefit their professional and personal lives now and into the future."

Jeff Wise - Principal

Pandora Gilboa Local Schools, Pandora, OH

"Scott did a fantastic job of connecting with our students and giving them real life scenarios of what their digital footprint is and how important it is to be smart in cyberspace.  Students were engaged and hopefully now will be more prepared when using technology to build their personal brands, and leave a strategically positive digital footprint on a daily basis."

Greg Denecker - Superintendent

Bluffton Local Schools, Bluffton, Ohio

"Scott’s message is one students need to hear.  He was able to present important information to students, while engaging them from beginning to end.  Social media is a tool that can help lead students to success or failure.  Scott inspired many to be not only positive, but strategic on their social media accounts. "

Brad Mendenhall - JH/HS Principal

Linconview Local School District, Van Wert, OH

"The Bath High School (Lima, Ohio) students and staff were blessed to have Scott Grant deliver an incredible message regarding the significant effects of social media. Scott is an accomplished speaker and has the uncanny ability to connect with a broad range of youth and adults. His phenomenal presentation demonstrated the importance of digital postings and the world’s interpretation of the same material. The additional branding example of two identically qualified candidates being decided in 30 seconds based on their social media profiles was very insightful and solidified the point for our entire audience. "

Rick Gross - HS Principal

Bath School District, Lima, OH

"Scott's message is one that every high school student needs to hear.  As educators, we know the risk and reward potential associated with social media, but we struggle finding ways to teach these things to our students.  After listening to Scott's very engaging presentation, our students were not only exposed to the different risks and rewards of social media, but they were taught strategies on how to use social media to establish who they are--or their brand, as Scott calls it.  I highly recommend bringing Scott to your school today to talk to your students, your sports teams, or even your staff.  You will not be disappointed."

Tim Eding - Dean of Students / Athletic Director

Continental Local School District, Continental, OH

“Scott has a remarkable ability to deliver practical and empowering insight on the compound effects of social media decisions. Scott's "Digital Footprint" presentation teaches students the importance of "posting with a purpose" and making positive "everyday impressions". The value of building a positive brand, through a genuine and purposeful digital plan, is a powerful tool that students can use to make their mark on the world. Scott's message had a powerful impact on my student-athletes, and I would recommend his presentation to anyone looking to make a positive impact on others.”

Michael Leddy - Director of Athletics

Kenton City Schools, Kenton, OH

“Mr. Grant delivered a presentation on social media and personal branding unlike any I have heard. He encourages students to use social media to positively promote their message to the world. Social media is one of the most powerful tools for students to promote the positives that happen on a regular basis. Mr. Grant’s presentation was engaging to all and left everyone thinking about how they could promote the positives happening in the world and help them achieve what they set out to do.”

Kyle Leatherman - MS Principal

Bluffton Middle School, Bluffton, Ohio

"Scott Grant presented at our son’s fall sports parent meeting at Findlay High School in August, 2016.  As a parent and an educator, I highly recommend Mr. Grant’s program about social media use.

Managing a professional and appropriate digital presence is the central focus of Mr. Grant’s powerful message that is highly relevant for student athletes and parents alike. He effectively cautions his audience by presenting current examples of college athletic prospects whose futures have been impaired because of poor choices they had made in the permanent world of digital media. Mr. Grant also offers practical considerations that help student athletes and parents avoid the pitfalls of social media use—and utilize social media to their advantage instead."

Becky Kupferberg

Parent - High School Student

"In today's internet age with student populations being the first generation of digital natives, it is refreshing to hear someone say social media isn't bad and that you shouldn't use it but instead that we need to give you the tools to use it responsibly and to your advantage. Scott Grant, with his high level of enthusiasm and engaging personality, deftly imparts students with those tools and forces them to re-evaluate the way they use social media and how they want others to see them through it."

Ben Paul - Teacher & Athletic Director

Monroeville Local Schools, Monroeville, OH

"Social Media is not the enemy, but can be one of the greatest tools our students have in advancing themselves personally and professionally.  Scott Grant engages the students in realizing that their branding / social media usage should be the story they want to tell about themselves for the world to see.  His message has a lasting impact for our students long outside the walls of our schools."

Adam Lee - JH/HS Principal

Delphos Saint John's Schools, Delphos, OH

"Any student who hopes to compete in a 21st century job market must hear Scott Grant's presentation on personal branding.  Scott gives an engaging and relevant speech about the responsible use of social media.  Social media can be a powerful tool or a debilitating anchor and Scott provides strategies and insight to help students succeed."

Alex Hanna - Director of Athletics

Bluffton Local School District, Bluffton, OH

"Mr. Grant has a wonderful message to students in regards to social media usage and developing strategic and impactful footprints.  His message is through personal experience and was very entertaining and engaging.  The message was non-threatening yet made us all think about our actions."

John Edinger - HS Principal

Delphos Jefferson Local School District, Delphos, OH

"If you are looking for a way to address social media in a manner that is relevant to students and realistic, I recommend Dr. Scott Grant's presentation on social branding.  Our students were engaged during assembly, there was a great amount of discussion on the topic after Scott's program and I feel it had a great impact on our students."

Joe Webb - HS Principal

Clyde High School, Clyde, OH

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