"Where Impacts Begin"

Dr. Scott Grant

Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Energy, Enthusiasm, Engagement = IMPACT:

Growing up I always knew I would be involved in education in one way, shape, or form. My parents were both teachers and my dad was a basketball coach, so my life was spent on gym floors and in classrooms.  I couldn't have imagined it any other way. There is something special about having parents that are teachers, as you see first hand the "opportunities for impact" from a very young age.


As I continued through college and into my first teaching and coaching experience, I began to become more fascinated with leadership principles and the opportunities EVERYONE has to make sincere impacts each day.  When I became an Athletic Director I knew I faced challenges and would fail at things, but you better believe I was going to make an impact every day I walked into that building!  


I have been extremely blessed for my "impact makers," those people who have helped shaped me as a person over the past 39 years (yikes, hurts to actually write it).  I can only hope that at the end of my life time I can look back and be proud of what matters most, the positive impacts I had on others during the time I was allowed.


Let me help you make more of an impact on your students, athletes, teams, school, and organization through educational programming which includes personal branding, leadership development, positive social media strategy, and much, much more!!


It's time... they need it, they want it, they deserve it.


Be Awesome Today!