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Branding of ME - Online Course

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  • Key Focus: This course is a deeper dive into Building a Personal Brand through an interactive approach utilizing short videos & application activities. 

    It has been used by individuals, school districts and organizations as part of a course curriculum and individual development.

    Activities were created in a scaffolding / stacked activity based approach with engaging videos per concept that helps people build an implementable framework. 

    Dr. Grant’
    “D2A2” process will strategically walk participants through Dreaming, Developing, Activating and Amplifying their own personal brand IN PERSON & ONLINE!


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  • Downloadable documents with pertinent & updated NIL Resources including:\

    • HS NIL Overview

    • Current Status of High School NIL Regulations

    • NIL Key Red Flags

    • Top 10 - NIL Frequently Ask Question & major Need to Knows

    • Sample NIL Policy

    • Sample NIL Activities Reporting Document

    • School District Preparation Guide

    • NIL Tips for HS AD's & NIAAA Article (3840 × 2160 px) (24).png


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  • Recording of Dr. Grant's engaging school assembly / group presentation Engaging school assembly / group presentation that teaches students about Personal Branding, how to develop a social media presence that positively impacts their lives and builds a brand with purpose, plan, and value. 

    Additionally it touches upon the impact of social media on jobs, college admissions & recruiting, and social media is being utilized as a research tool.   (presented at over 400+ organizations)

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  • Learn more about all of the presentations, keynotes, and additional resources offered around Social Media, Personal Branding, Leadership Development, and Name, Image, & Likeness!

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