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Name, Image, & Likeness Overview - December 2022 Update

So I'm going to keep pumping out and sharing NIL related info that I'm hopeful can help High School Administrators (& others) everywhere.

I've built prep kits, educational plan breakdowns, NIL NTK presentations, the NIL-NTK Podcast.....

You name it, I've probably got it!

I continually try to come at it from a different perspective because as a former high school teacher, coach, Director of Athletics, school board member, policy guy, as well as having worked at a major D1 athletics program during the onset of NIL...

I'm passionate about truly helping in the high school space by supporting AD's and School Admins who don't know where to start, and where to go next.

So - first up - after hearing so many people questioning what this even is at the recent National HS AD Conference, here's a quick NIL - Overview that should help!

Lot's of info & research out there, so I'll work to bring it together for y'all!

Shout out to research and work done by Bill Carter, Eccker Sports, and NCAA for some of the elements included within.

Here to help in any way I can!

- Doc G | |


Dr. Scott Grant, or “Doc G” as his students call him, is former high school teacher, coach, and athletic director turned college professor in educational leadership / social media / branding, and founded Triple Threat Leadership, LLC. ( & NIL-Education (

Need resources for Personal Branding & Social Media Education? Check out Dr. Grant's "Branding of ME" course, utilized by over 10,000 students, and integrated into hundreds of school curriculums across the country.

Need help navigating Name, Image, and Likeness and preparing your program? Dr. Grant offers services to assist, and will develop specific tools / resources that fit your districts need.

If you’re interested in staying up to date about all things NIL-Education, head on over to and subscribe, as well as follow @NIL_Education on the platforms below by a quick click!


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