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Building Your NIL Brand Symposium at Trine University - (Recording)

On December 9th, I was fortunate enough to be part of the 2021 "Building Your Brand" Symposium hosted by Trine University and it's Center for Sports Studies.

It was a great event that focused on helping their students, and other individuals, learn more about NIL, and things to consider as strategies continue to be developed.

While the symposium discussed quite a bit surrounding Division III and NAIA schools, it provided an important opportunity to look at NIL from the lens of something other than Power 5 football.

Attached you will find a recording of the event, as hopefully it will help in your continued education of Name, Image, and Likeness -- no matter what your position might be.

As always, If you need help or have additional questions - I'm here to help.

Add Value. Build Relationships. Create Opportunities.

- Doc G


Dr. Scott Grant is a college professor in educational leadership / social media, and founded Triple Threat Leadership, LLC. (

Need resources for Personal Brand Education - check out Dr. Grant's "Branding of ME" course, utilized by over 10,000 students, and integrated into hundreds of school curriculums across the country. Learn more --->

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