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My Moment of Impact.... 8th Grade History w/ Mr. Grimm

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Circa 1997. Room 201 in Continental MS/HS in rural northwest Ohio. Mr. Todd Grimm's 8th grade history class. A defining moment of impact in my life.

Growing up I had aspirations of becoming a lawyer. I'm not sure why, I just thought it'd be fun to go to an ivy league law school, work for a large corporate law firm, and get after it in the court room. I didn't really know what being a lawyer meant, but I knew I liked talking in front of people and putting on a show, and I felt like that's what lawyers did (at least the ones I watched on t.v. - which was my limited access to the law field).

it wasn't until I walked into my 8th grade history class taught by Mr. Todd Grimm when I had a moment of impact that helped redefine my passions and the rest of my personal and professional career. Each day with Mr. Grimm was an experience. Memorable, and focused on entertainment. I thought, this is pretty cool, he gets to put on a show every day.

I continued to be intrigued by the thought of becoming a teacher until one day we were learning about different tools of warm, and he made mention of a bow and arrow in a way that changed my life. And when I mean made mention, I mean he took it out from behind his desk, leaped on top of his desk, and "lived it." It was at this moment, this exact moment, that I knew this was what I was supposed to do.

I wanted to entertain, engage, and ultimately inspire students through the method of teaching and storytelling in a way that was unique and different. Mr. Grimm was, and continues to be, an inspiration to me during each lession that I plan. When I became a teacher in 2006, I sent Mr. Grimm a hand written letter explaining the impact he had on me a long time ago, and thanking him for being one my life's impact makers.

Grab that bow and arrow, and take a leap! Thanks Mr. Grimm!

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